Nov. 15 ACC Previews

Boston College (1-0) vs. No. 16/17 Baylor (2-0), 3:00 PM, ESPNU (Charleston Classic)

“This seems like a good idea,” said no one.

What to watch: Last year, BC didn’t play any opponent as good as Baylor until they traveled to North Carolina for their ACC opener. This year, they get an athletic, talented Baylor team in Game 2. No one should reasonably expect them to win, but they could keep it respectable.

Random Baylor facts: In 1914, the bear just beat out mascots like buffalo, antelope and bookworm in a University vote. They’ve had live bear mascots since 1917.

Prediction: Baylor, 92-74.

No. 6 NC State (1-0) vs. Penn State (1-0), 5:00 PM, ESPN2 (Puerto Rico Tip-Off)

Where are you going, creepy lion?

What to watch: Foul trouble. Against a decent opponent, it’s possible NC State will have a few guys pick up a few early fouls. Who does Mark Gottfried trust to come in and give the Wolfpack good minutes? We’re going to start finding that out this week.

Random Penn State facts: In the 1920’s, when Penn State first had a costumed mascot, they went with the African lion look (see above) instead of today’s style (which is an actual mountain lion).

Prediction: NC State, 85-63.

VMI (1-2) at Virginia Tech (2-0), 7:00 PM, ESPN3

My new favorite mascot, Moe the Kangaroo.

What to watch: A high-possession VMI team against a Virginia Tech squad that’s looking to go up-tempo this year? (Grabs popcorn.)

Random VMI facts: Some VMI cheerleaders thought that a kangaroo would be a cool mascot, so they got a live one in 1947. In 1954, Virginia Tech (then VPI) students kidnapped Moe before their game against VMI and in retaliation, they kidnapped a VPI freshman. Both were released onto the field at the football game. So awesome.

Prediction: Virginia Tech, 102-79.

Last week: 11-1

Overall: 18-3


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