November 11 ACC Previews

Florida International at Boston College, 2:00 PM, ESPN3

Same hairstyle, same facial expressions…yep, that’s Rick Pitino’s son Richard, who’s the head coach at FIU.

What to watch: Boston College’s turnovers. The Eagles weren’t bad offensively at times last year, but with their slower pace of play combined with their lack of experience, they often had a high loss of ball percentage. If the younger Pitino is anything like his dad, he’s going to try to press and force turnovers. BC has to be able to handle that better than they did a year ago, or it’s going to be another long season.

Random Florida International facts: Isiah Thomas was the Panthers’ coach until last year, when Richard Pitino was hired to replace him. Yes, it’s Rick Pitino’s son Richard, who graduated from Providence in 2005.

Prediction: Boston College, 74-62.

Florida Atlantic at North Carolina, 2:30 PM, ESPNU

What to watch: Joel James, Desmond Hubert and Brice Johnson’s numbers. Hubert had a less-than-stellar first start, seeing only 13 minutes and scoring no points. He picked up three fouls, turned it over twice and played some bad defense, particularly early. But Joel James scored six points in 14 minutes, didn’t miss a shot or turn it over. Johnson saw 12 minutes and also had six points, five rebounds and no turnovers. Hubert’s going to see his minutes go way down if the freshmen continue to be that efficient.

Random Florida Atlantic facts: FAU’s mascot is a burrowing owl, which is unique among owls in that it hunts during the day. This owl is perhaps most famous for its depiction in the movie Rango, where three burrowing owls portrayed a Mariachi band. Okay, maybe that doesn’t count but it was on Wikipedia.

Prediction: North Carolina, 84-65.


Season: 9-1


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